FW 2015-16

“Elegant & Smart”

The refinement and elegance that feature the brand and Tosato wear grant an explosion of the senses, embracing and expanding your emotions as a chocolate candy.

Elegant :

Every detail in its creation has been overseen by the ELEGANT line with an eye on finishes and craftsmanship.

Mink, sable, chinchilla furs reflect the perfection resulting from putting quality in every detail, aiming at creating pure and essential lines.




The SMART line has opted for a new slant on clothing, for a woman who loves change and is never predictable and banal. It introduces a blend of elegance and independence, thanks to geometric lines and the various wefts that characterize its production.

The constant experimentation in manufacturing techniques is its strength, designed for a young and dynamic woman. New lines and an enriched style with new colors are intended to deliver modern creations, granting a whole new light and femininity to who’s wearing them.