Tosato started up in the late 20s as one of the first companies to pret a porter fur and have always been enterprising and revolutionary in the fashion industry; a qualification that the Maison  hasn’t lost over all these years even after the acquisition by the Padua-based company known as Padovafurs. 

Furs produced by Tosato are at the forefront in terms of design, made with top of the line materials refined with care and craftsmanship of the know-how inherited by all these years of experience. 

A huge choice of materials are used for exclusive models. 

Strange but true, the philosophy of  the Tosato company has always been to keep an eye on nature and the environment. 

For thus, Tosato use only fur that can be found on the international market and declared tradable by the Convention of Washington (www.cites.org) which prohibits the export and import of animal and plant species declared as endangered. 

An incredible and fascinating history has backed the company over the decades: values and rewards for the successes of the brand have plunged.

The collections of the Maison, are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. 

Since the first photo shootings, the brand’s historical ones , Padovafurs have increasingly honed marketing strategies taking the results and objectives of the utmost importance; a growth of the image that has paced the evolution of the Tosato brand. 

 The Maison’s latest adventure is the opening in Via Montenapoleone 21 in 2011 , in the Milan fashion district, their brand’s new showroom is a complete reconstruction of their philosophy.