Tosato1928, brand owned by Padovafurs Srl since 1998, has started to operate in the fur business in the stated year. The brand has quickly made its way both in the Italian market and in the international scenario, presenting its “Made in Italy” garments in all the most important fashion shows worldwide: Milan, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Tokyo and Moscow.

Tosato1928 has always been and is appreciated by its international clients for the quality of the skins which, combined with expertise and creativity, give birth to extraordinary creations.

The Maison has always had its headquarter in Padua and in 2011 has opened a Showroom in Via Montenapoleone 21, in Milan.


The Tosato1928 and Padovafurs team has based its work on trustworthy values: reliability, commitment, integrity and passion.

The Maison has always been extremely interested in nature and in the environment. This means that the company only trades and uses fur that can be found in the international market and that is declared as tradable by the Convention of Washington (www.cites.org). The latter prohibits the import and export of animals and plants which are considered as endangered.